Welcome to my webpage.  I've been dabbling in the arts my whole life and studied at UCSD, Grossmont College and Point Loma City College, where I learned drawing, painting, metalsmithing, bronze casting, sculpture and glass fusing.  When I discovered the beauty of vitreous glass fused to metal, also known as enameling, I fell in love. Most of my work is a combination of these disciplines. Today, I have my own art studio where I create my work and offer individual instruction.  There is always more to learn, so I continue studying with other artists on a regular basis.  In enameling, I use a variety of techniques including cloisonne, sgraffito, silkscreening, stenciling, basse-taille, and champleve.  I also enjoy experimenting with decals, millefiore, crayons and paints.  All my pieces are handcrafted and one of a kind - sometimes classic, sometimes organic, and often humorous.  The results make me smile.  I hope you enjoy taking a look.